Broker's Price Opinion

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Broker's Price Opinion

What Is A Broker's Price Opinion (BPO)?

Navigating the world of real estate can be a complex journey. One crucial aspect of any property transaction is determining an accurate value, which is where Broker’s Price Opinions (BPOs) come into play. But what exactly are BPOs, and how do they differ from appraisals? In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of broker’s price opinions, their benefits and limitations, and how to choose the right provider for your needs. So buckle up and join us on this informative ride through the world of Broker’s Price Opinion!

Short Summary

  • Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) are property value estimates provided by real estate professionals.

  • BPOs offer cost-effectiveness and flexible assessment options, making them an attractive choice for rapid property valuations.

  • Appraisals provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of the property’s value compared to a BPO, which is essential for mortgage applications.

Understanding Broker Price Opinions

Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), also known as broker price opinion are property value estimates provided by real estate professionals. They are often used in foreclosure or short sale situations by lenders. BPOs are similar to a comparative market analysis conducted by real estate brokers to determine a property’s listing price. Understanding how broker price opinions work can be essential for both buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

When creating a BPO report, the real estate broker considers various factors such as the home’s condition, renovations, improvements and comparable sales in the vicinity. BPOs can be requested by a lender, loss mitigation company, mortgage company, or homeowner who wishes to refinance or sell their home.

The Role of Real Estate Agents in BPOs

Real estate agents play a vital role in generating BPO reports. They leverage their expertise and market awareness to provide accurate value estimates based on comparable property sales prices. A local real estate agent has a deep understanding of the local market, prevailing trends and recent sales. These things and more enable them to produce precise BPO reports. Working with a real estate agent ensures that you receive the most accurate information possible.

By engaging real estate agents for BPOs, buyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions on listing prices, taking into account the sales price. Real estate agents are responsible for providing Broker Price Opinions to their clients, offering a professional opinion on a property’s value.

Types of BPOs: Internal and External

BPOs can be categorized into two types: internal and external. Each type has its own level of detail and accuracy, depending on the scope of the property assessment.

Let’s explore the differences between these two types of BPOs in the following subsections.

Internal Broker Price Opinion

An internal BPO involves an in-depth assessment of a property, including its interior and exterior features. A real estate professional conducts a thorough inspection, taking measurements and evaluating the condition of the property. This comprehensive assessment provides a more precise value estimation compared to an external BPO.

To obtain a list of certified broker price opinion professionals who hold the National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP) BPO certification, you can contact the National Association of BPO Professionals. These professionals have the expertise and qualifications to perform accurate internal BPOs. I was once certified through them.

External Broker Price Opinion

An external BPO, also known as a drive-by BPO, focuses on evaluating the external characteristics of the property, providing a rapid but less precise value estimation. Lenders typically request external BPOs for a quick opinion on a property’s value.

The primary drawback of an external BPO compared to an internal BPO is the lack of a comprehensive assessment of the property’s interior features. This limitation can lead to less accurate value estimations, as numerous factors within the residence can significantly impact its overall value. Often you will simply drive by the property.

Comparing BPOs and Appraisals

While BPOs and appraisals share the common goal of estimating a property’s value, there are notable differences between the two. Here are some key differences:

  • BPOs are less formal and less regulated than appraisals, which are conducted by certified appraisers who adhere to certain ethical and performance standards.

  • A BPO is generally conducted by a real estate professional, such as a broker or agent.

  • BPOs are faster and more cost-effective than appraisals, making them an attractive option in some situations, such as short sales or when preparing to list a home for sale.

However, BPOs are not accepted for mortgage applications due to their less accurate and comprehensive nature. In contrast, appraisals are required for mortgage applications and provide a more detailed evaluation of the property’s value.

When to Choose a BPO

A BPO could be advantageous in the case of a short sale, foreclosure, or when determining a property’s value prior to listing it for sale. BPOs are a cost-effective and timely solution for these situations, offering a relatively quick and affordable property valuation compared to a full appraisal.

When to Choose an Appraisal

An appraisal is necessary when purchasing or selling a home, as lenders require it prior to granting a mortgage to safeguard their investment. Appraisals provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of a property’s value compared to a BPO, which is an essential requirement for mortgage applications.

Although appraisals can be more expensive and time-consuming than BPOs, they are crucial for ensuring a reliable property valuation.

Obtaining a Broker Price Opinion

To obtain a BPO, you can request one from local real estate agents, BPO companies, or through the National Association of BPO Professionals directory. When requesting a BPO, it is necessary to indicate a preference for either a drive-by (external) or in-person (internal) BPO, depending on the level of detail and accuracy required for your specific needs.

For example, if you need a detailed assessment of the interior of the property, an in-depth assessment is necessary.

Choosing a Reliable BPO Provider

To choose a reliable BPO provider, consider experienced agents or certified professionals listed by the National Association of BPO Professionals. This organization offers a directory of real estate professionals who possess the NABPOP certification, ensuring that they have the expertise and qualifications to perform accurate BPOs.

Selecting a professional from the National Association of BPO Professionals directory also offers the added benefit of an impartial perspective, as these professionals are not affiliated with the buyer or seller’s representative.

Costs Associated with BPOs

BPOs typically cost between $50 and $300, making them a more affordable option compared to appraisals, which usually range from $300 to $500. This cost difference makes BPOs an attractive alternative for those who need a quick and cost-effective property valuation without the need for a full appraisal.

BPOs are often used by mortgage lenders, real estate agents and investors to get a mortgage.

Benefits and Limitations of BPOs

While BPOs offer quick and affordable property valuations, they also have some limitations compared to appraisals. In the following subsections, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of BPOs to help you make an informed decision on which valuation method is best suited for your needs.

BPOs are often used by lenders and investors to quickly assess the value of a property.

Advantages of BPOs

One of the main advantages of BPOs is their cost-effectiveness. BPOs generally cost less than appraisals and can be completed more quickly, making them an attractive option for those who need a rapid property valuation. BPOs are particularly useful in short sales and foreclosures, where an expedited and affordable valuation is crucial.

Another advantage of BPOs is their flexibility. They can be conducted as either internal or external assessments, depending on the level of detail and accuracy required for a specific situation. This flexibility allows property owners and buyers to choose the most suitable valuation method for their needs.

Disadvantages of BPOs

BPOs are not as accurate as appraisals, as they are based on the opinion of the broker and not on a detailed analysis of the property. This lack of accuracy can lead to potential discrepancies in property valuations, which may impact the final transaction price or mortgage approval process.

Another significant drawback of BPOs is that they are not accepted for mortgage applications. Lenders typically require a more comprehensive and reliable appraisal to safeguard their investment. As such, while BPOs can be a useful tool for short sales, foreclosures and preliminary valuations. They may not be suitable for all situations.

Real-Life Applications of BPOs

In real-life scenarios, BPOs are commonly used to determine listing prices, remove private mortgage insurance (PMI), and assess property values in various situations such as short sales and foreclosures. Homeowners or potential home buyers can obtain a BPO. This can be done by utilizing broker price opinion companies.

For example, if a homeowner wants to remove PMI from their mortgage, they can request a BPO to demonstrate that the home value has increased sufficiently to meet the 20% equity threshold required by lenders. This cost-effective and timely valuation method can help homeowners save money on PMI payments and potentially reduce their overall mortgage costs.


In conclusion, Broker Price Opinions are an essential tool in the world of real estate transactions. BPOs offer a cost-effective and timely solution for determining property values in various situations, including short sales, foreclosures, and listing price determinations.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the limitations of BPOs and consider more comprehensive appraisals when required for mortgage applications. By understanding the benefits and limitations of BPOs, you can make well-informed decisions and choose the most suitable valuation method for your specific needs. With this knowledge in hand, you’re one step closer to navigating the complex world of real estate with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a broker price opinion include?

A broker price opinion includes factors such as the size, location, age and condition of the property, as well as sales trends in the area, to determine a reasonable value for the subject property.

Comparable properties are also taken into consideration when forming the BPO.

Is a BPO better than an appraisal?

While BPOs are faster and less expensive than appraisals, they may not be as accurate because appraisers must adhere to stricter educational requirements.

Therefore, an appraisal is usually the better choice.

Who generally writes a broker's price opinion?

A BPO is usually written by a broker familiar with the local housing market, who performs an informal appraisal which is similar to a Comparative Market Analysis.

The real estate professional gets paid to complete the report.

What is the process for creating a broker's price opinion?

Creating a Broker’s Price Opinion involves gathering data on the property, analyzing relevant information such as revenue versus expenses and zoning laws, and then creating two documents: an income capitalization analysis and cost of replacement analysis.

This opinion is based on the recent selling prices of similar homes within a 6 month time period.

What is the purpose of BPO in real estate?

A broker price opinion (BPO) is a property assessment created by a real estate agent or broker based on their expert judgment and local market knowledge. It is used to provide an understanding of a price range for market value, can be part of the listing agreement when selling a house and is commonly requested by lenders or mortgage companies.

BPOs are often used to determine the value of a property for loan purposes, to help determine a listing price for a home, or to provide an estimate of a home’s value for tax assessment or insurance purposes. They are also very popular.

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