SoHo Tampa

By Damon Duvall
Sun, Sep 03, 2023 at 7:30AM

SoHo Tampa

Explore SoHo Tampa: Bars, Restaurants & Nightlife

SoHo Tampa: a neighborhood that offers the best of Tampa nightlife, great restaurants, and an inviting atmosphere. But what truly sets SoHo apart? Prepare to uncover the hidden gems of this vibrant district as we venture through its lively streets, exploring everything from luxurious accommodations to casual eateries and bustling entertainment venues. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the essence of SoHo and why it should be on every traveler’s must-visit list.

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Key Takeaways

  • Discover SoHo Tampa: a vibrant neighborhood offering diverse attractions, entertainment, restaurants & bars.

  • Enjoy nightlife hotspots and explore upscale/casual dining establishments to suit any budget.

  • Experience the unique local gems of this walkable district with easy transportation options & accessible parking.

Discovering SoHo: Tampa's Vibrant Neighborhood

SoHo, or South Howard, is located in the heart of Tampa. It is a thriving residential district within the Hyde Park neighborhood. Known for its electrifying atmosphere and a plethora of attractions within walking distance, SoHo Tampa has something for everyone. With its bustling streets like:

  • Kennedy Boulevard

  • Cleveland Street

  • Platt Street

  • Swann Avenue

The SoHo area is a hotspot for locals and visitors alike, offering a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

As one of the top five most walkable neighborhoods in Tampa, SoHo provides easy access to the best of Tampa nightlife, including bars, restaurants and entertainment options. The diversity of exceptional restaurants and bars has solidified SoHo’s reputation as a prime destination for Tampa Bay nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a casual brunch or a night out with friends, SoHo has it all.

Tampa Nightlife Hotspot

SoHo Tampa is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene, offering an array of bars and nightclubs that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From lively sports bars to sophisticated wine bars, there’s something for everyone in this bustling district. As the sun sets, the streets of South Howard come alive with an electrifying atmosphere that entices both locals and visitors to let loose and have a great time.

An extensive list of acclaimed bars and nightclubs ensures a memorable night out in SoHo, with options aplenty. Dance the night away at one of the lively nightclubs or enjoy a laid-back evening with friends at a cozy wine bar. And with convenient transportation options for pub crawling, including Pick Me Up Tampa and the TECO Line Streetcar System, it’s easy to explore everything SoHo has to offer.

Challenge yourself to discover a new favorite spot or simply enjoy the lively party scene that makes SoHo Tampa a nightlife hotspot.

Great Restaurants & Bars

Beyond its vibrant nightlife, SoHo Tampa impresses with a vast selection of exceptional restaurants and bars catering to a variety of culinary desires. With an eclectic mix of establishments, such as the two restaurants owned and operated by former Rays manager Joe Maddon and the acclaimed Bella’s where Joanie recently published a cookbook, SoHo is a food lover’s paradise.

Indulge in an upscale dining experience at one of SoHo’s finest restaurants like:

  • Bartaco

  • Bern’s Steak House

  • Bulla Gastrobar

  • Ciro’s Tampa

  • Bouzy

Or, if you prefer a more casual setting, head to one of the many hidden gems tucked away in the SoHo streets. No matter your taste or budget, SoHo’s abundance of great restaurants and bars ensures that your taste buds will never be bored.

Walkable & Accessible

The walkability and accessibility of SoHo Tampa distinctively set it apart from other neighborhoods. Ranked among the top five most walkable neighborhoods in the city, SoHo allows residents and visitors alike to easily explore the area on foot. Alongside Downtown Tampa, Hyde Park, Channelside and Seminole Heights. SoHo offers a pedestrian-friendly environment that encourages people to embrace the outdoors and connect with the vibrant community.

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In addition to its walkability, SoHo Tampa offers accessible parking options to accommodate the needs of residents and visitors. With numerous parking garages and bike lanes available, it’s easy to navigate the bustling district without worrying about transportation. So go ahead and explore the lively streets of SoHo, knowing that the neighborhood has you covered in terms of walkability and accessibility.

Accommodations in SoHo: Hotels and Apartments

Whether you’re visiting SoHo Tampa for business or leisure, the area offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all preferences and budgets. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly options and long-term living arrangements, there’s a perfect place for everyone to call their temporary home in this diverse neighborhood.

No matter your accommodation needs, you can confidently find a solution in SoHo Tampa. Some options include:

  • The Westin Tampa Waterside

  • The Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa

With these upscale and budget-friendly options, there’s something for everyone.

And for those looking for extended stays, furnished apartments and corporate housing options provide a comfortable home away from home.

Luxury Stays

If you’re after a luxurious experience, SoHo Tampa houses numerous high-end hotels, boasting premier amenities and unmatched service. Some of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the area include:

  • The Westin Tampa Waterside

  • Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection

  • Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

  • Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel

These hotels provide guests with an unforgettable stay. In addition, these opulent hotels boast a variety of amenities, such as:

  • On-site restaurants

  • Fitness centers

  • Spas

  • Pools

Ensuring that guests can indulge in the finest comforts during their stay. From the moment you step into one of these elegant establishments, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury. A great choice assures making your stay in SoHo Tampa a truly memorable experience.

Budget-Friendly Options

Budget-conscious travelers can find a variety of affordable accommodation options in SoHo Tampa. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa, Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa, and Comfort Inn & Suites Tampa provide affordable lodging without compromising on quality and comfort.

To further stretch your budget, take advantage of SoHo’s numerous budget-friendly restaurants and bars with great prices, such as The Patio, The Hub and The Attic. With a little research and a keen eye for deals, you can enjoy SoHo Tampa without breaking the bank.

Long-Term Living

SoHo Tampa caters to those planning extended stays with a variety of long-term living arrangements, including:

  • Independent living facilities: These provide seniors with a secure and safe environment, along with amenities such as housekeeping, meals and transportation services.

  • Luxury apartments: These offer high-end amenities and services for a comfortable and convenient stay.

  • Furnished apartments: These come fully furnished and equipped with everything you need for a hassle-free stay.

Luxury apartments in SoHo Tampa offer high-end amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers and concierge services. In addition these furnished apartments come equipped with furniture, kitchen appliances, and linens, making them an ideal choice for temporary living arrangements.

With a range of long-term living options available, you can find the perfect home to suit your lifestyle and needs in SoHo Tampa.

SoHo's Culinary Scene: Dining and Drinking Experiences

Experience the full breadth of SoHo Tampa by indulging in its diverse culinary scene, encompassing everything from fine dining to casual eateries and wine bars. With an array of dining and drinking experiences to choose from, SoHo’s culinary landscape caters to all tastes and preferences, ensuring that every meal is a gastronomic adventure.

Whether you’re a food connoisseur seeking an upscale dining experience or someone who simply enjoys a laid-back atmosphere with great food, SoHo Tampa has something for everyone. Discover the best of the neighborhood’s culinary offerings as we delve deeper into its fine dining establishments, casual eateries and wine bars.

Fine Dining

Several fine dining establishments in SoHo Tampa provide exquisite culinary experiences. From steakhouses to Italian restaurants, you can find a wide variety of cuisines to suit even the most discerning palate. Indulge in a sumptuous meal at one of the area’s finest restaurants, such as:

  • Bern’s Steak House

  • Bulla Gastrobar

  • Ciro’s Tampa

  • Forbici Modern Italian

For those seeking something a little different, Flor Fina, Meat Market Tampa and Mise en Place are also excellent choices.

The sushi restaurant in SoHo Tampa is a must-try for sushi aficionados. With rave reviews and a reputation for serving fresh, high-quality sushi. This establishment is a hidden gem in the neighborhood. Whether you are a sushi connoisseur or simply enjoy the occasional sushi dinner, this restaurant is sure to delight your taste buds.

Casual Eateries

For a more laid-back dining experience, a variety of casual eateries in SoHo Tampa offer delectable food in a relaxed ambiance. Some of the most highly regarded casual restaurants in the area include:

  • The Pearl

  • Ulele

  • Ava Restaurant

  • Boulon Brasserie

  • Columbia Restaurant

  • Haven

  • Union New American

  • Cooper’s Hawk

These restaurants provide a wide range of cuisines to satisfy every craving.

Many of these casual dining establishments also offer outdoor seating, giving you the perfect opportunity to soak up the Tampa sunshine while enjoying a delicious meal. With an incredible selection of eateries, SoHo Tampa is guaranteed to have something to suit all tastes and preferences.

Wine Bars & Lounges

Wine enthusiasts will find the selection of wine bars and lounges in SoHo Tampa highly satisfying. Some of the highly respected wine bars in the area include:

  • Wine & Wood

  • Bouzy by Cru Cellars

  • Haven

  • The Champagne Bar

  • Ciro’s

Each establishment offers a unique atmosphere and an extensive selection of wines, ensuring that every visit is a new experience.

Whether you prefer an intimate setting with an extensive wine list, a stylish venue focusing on sparkling wines, or a traditional Italian-style wine bar with an impressive selection of Italian wines, SoHo Tampa has a wine bar to suit your taste. So raise a glass and toast to the captivating world of wine in SoHo Tampa.

Shopping in SoHo: Retail Therapy in South Tampa

SoHo Tampa offers diverse shopping experiences for those seeking retail therapy, with a variety of stores and boutiques. From luxury fashion to budget-friendly finds, this bustling neighborhood caters to all shopping aficionados. Some of the shopping destinations in SoHo include:

  • Hyde Park Village

  • Tampa Bay Outfitters

  • Midtown Tampa

  • Salt Pines

  • Anthropologie

  • Dolce Cafe + Marketplace

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping in SoHo.

In addition to the more well-known shopping destinations, SoHo Tampa is home to several specialty stores, including vintage clothing stores, art galleries, and more. With such a wide range of retail options, shoppers can find everything they need (and more) in this vibrant neighborhood.

Entertainment & Live Music in SoHo Tampa

SoHo Tampa consistently delivers when it comes to entertainment and live music. The area is home to a variety of venues that cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that there’s always something happening in this lively district. From the upscale Hyde Park Village to the bustling Tampa Riverwalk and Midtown Tampa, there are no shortage of entertainment options in SoHo.

For live music enthusiasts, some of the best venues in SoHo Tampa are:

  • The Ritz Ybor

  • The Orpheum

  • The Attic

  • The Crowbar

With a diverse lineup of local and international acts, these venues provide the perfect setting to enjoy a night of live music and entertainment.

Health, Wellness, and Professional Services in SoHo Tampa

Catering to residents and visitors alike, SoHo Tampa offers a wide range of health, wellness, and professional services. Some of the facilities available include:

  • South Tampa Immediate Care

  • Tampa General Hospital

  • BayCare Urgent Care

  • USF Health

With these options, you can rest assured that your health and well-being are well taken care of.

In addition to health services, SoHo Tampa also provides a variety of professional services, such as legal services, accounting services and financial services. With such a wide range of offerings, SoHo ensures that residents and visitors have access to all the essential services they may need.

Transportation and Parking in SoHo Tampa

The numerous Tampa transportation options available make navigating SoHo Tampa straightforward and easy. With services like Pick Me Up Tampa, the nearby TECO Line Streetcar System and public transportation offered by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) bus system, you can easily explore the neighborhood and beyond.

Parking in SoHo Tampa is also convenient and accessible, with ample parking garages and bike lanes available for residents and visitors. So whether you’re exploring the lively streets of SoHo on foot, by bike, or by car, you can be confident that transportation and parking won’t be a concern during your visit.

Hidden Gems and Local Favorites in SoHo Tampa

Venturing off the beaten path in SoHo Tampa reveals numerous hidden gems and lesser-known establishments favored by locals. Some of these include:

  • Bartaco

  • Bern’s Steak House

  • Bulla Gastrobar

  • Ciro’s Tampa

  • Bouzy

  • Forbici Modern Italian

  • Goody Goody

In addition, there is a picturesque park dedicated to Bern Laxer. There’s always something new and exciting to discover in this vibrant neighborhood.

Don’t be afraid to explore beyond the popular tourist spots and immerse yourself in the authentic SoHo Tampa experience. With its rich history, diverse culture, and welcoming community, you’re sure to uncover some unforgettable hidden gems during your visit.

Moving to SoHo Tampa: What to Expect

Choosing to relocate to SoHo Tampa means immersing yourself in a dynamic and lively neighborhood known for its top-notch nightlife, diverse culinary scene, and vibrant community. With its lively streets, great restaurants, and endless entertainment options, this vibrant district is an ideal place to call home.

Homes For Sale in 33606

Moving to SoHo Tampa also means enjoying:

  • Easy access to transportation and parking options

  • A wide range of residential and commercial spaces

  • South Howard Avenue as its main thoroughfare, connecting SoHo to the rest of the Tampa Bay area

  • A pedestrian-friendly environment that encourages residents to explore their surroundings and engage with the community.


In conclusion, SoHo Tampa is a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood that offers a diverse range of experiences for both residents and visitors alike. From its lively nightlife and culinary scene to its walkability and accessibility, SoHo Tampa truly has something for everyone.

Whether you’re visiting for a short trip or planning to call SoHo Tampa home, this bustling district will captivate you with its unique charm and endless opportunities for adventure. So come, explore and discover the magic of SoHo Tampa for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SoHo short for in Tampa?

SoHo, short for “South Howard Avenue (Tampa)”, is an entertainment district located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa. It features a variety of restaurants, nightlife venues, retail shopping and art galleries.

Is SoHo Tampa fun?

SoHo Tampa is a great place to have fun with its historic architecture, high end restaurants, shopping, art galleries and variety of bars and nightclubs. It’s the perfect destination for those looking for a night out in Tampa.

Does Tampa have a downtown?

Yes, Tampa has a downtown. It is the central business district of the city and home to a multitude of exciting activities, from exploring the Tampa Bay History Center to spending a day at Curtis Hixon Park.

You can explore the downtown area and find a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. There are also plenty of cultural activities.

What is the best street in Ybor City?

7th Avenue in Ybor City is renowned as an entertainment district, boasting clubs such as Tangra Nightclub, Club Prana and Bradley’s, as well as sidewalk cafes for coffee-sipping during the day.

It’s the best street to explore and stay late into the night.

What is SoHo Tampa known for?

SoHo Tampa is renowned for its lively nightlife, impressive dining spots, convenient walkability and plentiful entertainment options.

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